One of our model custom homes in Mora, MN


There has never been a truer statement that affects all of us. Our homes play such a major role in our lives. The special memories, the birthday parties, the holiday get togethers, the warm safe feelings we share with family and friends are all events that shape our lives. At Nordenstrom Custom Homes we want to work with you to make your home that special place, ready for you and your family to begin or continue your lifetime memories.
Four Generations of Building Experience has taught us to listen to the needs and concerns of each of our customers. Our dedication to quality and experience are the best reasons for selecting Nordenstrom Custom Homes as your personal Home Builder.
Since we spend most of our time in our home, it is imperative the environment within that home be as safe and as healthy as possible. We can control many of the sources of pollution that make us sick by good design, knowledgeable construction and proper maintenance. Together we can make it better!!!

Our Mission

At Nordenstrom Custom Homes we are passionate about being apart of a more sustainable world. We attempt to be mindful of the products and methods we use to construct each home. Structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally conscious, and human healthy for the satisfaction of each customer. We challenge ourselves to be efficient, effective, and sustainable with each product and procedure we use. Allowing each customer the time to express their ideas and assisting them in the design and selections required to build their home. Our goal of energy, water, and lighting efficiency and our desire to be the solution for each of our customers and the world we live in. Changing home building to a transformational medium for a better living enviroment both in and outside of each home we build.

Where We Build

Nordenstrom Custom Homes provides residential construction services for prospective homeowners throughout the greater East Central Minnesota area. View the map below for a complete view of our service area!


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