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Building Panelized Homes Efficiently and Effectively

Today’s homeowners demand a higher caliber of home building, from construction to completion. Affordability, efficiency, and quality must constantly be front of mind, and residential construction companies must offer each to provide the service their clients demand and deserve!

At Nordenstrom Custom Homes, we have developed a track record of excellence thanks to our custom home building services. By building with panels, we help our clients cut costs, save time, and start living and making memories in their dream home sooner!

A room built with structural insulated panels.

What are Amwood Components?

There are several different types of "pre-fabricated" homes. One popular type of construction is called a "panelized home" or "open wall package". Amwood Components furnishes the most complete panelized home package in the Midwest.
Builder and homebuyers today have recognized that building a new home "stick by stick" is often not the most efficient building method. Increasingly, homes are being built using a "panelized building system" - a construction technique that utilizes advanced technology, quality materials, and a controlled work environment - to build wall panels and other components to construct an energy-efficient and durable home in less time. There are three (3) major components delivered to the job site. Engineered floor systems, interior and exterior walls and the roof trusses. Foundations are typically installed by your local Amwood Components Dealer unless an "All Weather Wood" foundation is included with the Amwood Components package.
Today's panelized home building systems retain the best aspects of "stick" frame construction while combining those time tested building methods with modem technology to deliver customizable, energy efficient, beautiful new homes. With computer-assisted design (CAD) programs, designers can turn just about any idea into a working blueprint ensuring your home is built accurately and efficiently. Once on site, the shell of a panelized home can be framed in a matter of days reducing labor expenses and delays. Because the construction is substantially completed in a controlled factory environment, it reduces time and costs to you.

What are (SIP) Structural Insulated Panels?

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are high-performance building panels used in floors, walls, roofs and foundations for residential and light commercial buildings. The panels are made by sandwiching a core of rigid foam plastic insulation between two structural facings, such as oriented strand board (OSB). Other skin materials can be used for specific purposes -such as metal for cooler panels and treated plywood for foundation panels. SIPs are manufactured under factory controlled conditions and can be custom designed for each project. The result is a building system that is extremely strong, very energy efficient and cost effective. Building with SIPs will save you time, money and labor. SIPs can be modified on site using additional SIP tools without damaging the integrity of the panel and system. Electrical wires are pulled through precut channels inside the core of the panel and are added during the manufacturing process. Electricians can feed wires through panel chases without compressing the insulation. Once electrical is complete chases can be foamed shut to prevent any air leakage. SIP panels come in varying widths depending on the design requirements and customer requests for energy saving. Thermal bridging is a major concern in today's tighter constructed homes and SIPs deliver excellent results with virtually no thermal bridging therefore maximizing the R-value and total energy performance of today's new homes. Widths are 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12" panels with different density foams for added R-values. Modem technology and Computer aided design allow for SIP engineers to design and maintain the structural integrity of this building system. For customers interested in the highest performing insulation systems with complete structural engineering and today's discerning home buyer, SIPs are ready for you.

Construction cost of Panels VS traditional stick-built

Construction costs can vary wildly but with construction panels, costs can be locked in to alleviate the concern over unknown and rising costs during construction.  Traditional stick-built and panel cost are very similar but with panels being constructed in a controlled environment and delivered to the job site, erection time and out of weather conditions can be a cost saving factor and the product stays dryer and on time which reduces construction interest costs and on site labor cost.  Panels are also engineered to protect home owners peace of mind in structural integrity and safety.

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