Benefits of hiring a licensed Contractor and what it means for you.

Competency and Security

The licensing process tests basic competency as well as ways to screen out dishonest contractors. A valid license is the first indication that your contractor might be qualified. Using a licensed contractor allows you to take advantage of the state's dispute resolution program and state funds are available to help resolve disputes and compensate property owners. To take advantage of such a program, check that your contractor has a current license for all the work they propose to do. If you have a problem with a licensed contractor or tradesman, the state licensing board can be a powerful ally in resolving issues. Get into a dispute with an unlicensed contractor or tradesman and you're on your own. To obtain a contracting license the contractor must hold the minimum insurance and/or bonding required by the state. Most states require that contractors demonstrate proof of insurance as part of obtaining a trade license. Contact the state agency to ensure the contractor meets all the requirements before you hire any contractor.

Offering Design/Build services for residential construction of custom homes.

Why Buy New?

Your New Home
*  Your new home will be clean, safe And healthy
*   Choose your own plan with your Vision
*    Ample space for all your needs
*    Technology and updated appliances
*  No surprises with warranties on
Construction and equipment
*    Low operational costs
*    Low maintenance quality building Materials
*    Energy efficient construction for Comfort

Pre-existing Home
*    Someone else's vision for their lifestyle
*    Limited options for changes
*    Outdated equipment and
*    Color and decorating
*    Expensive renovations
*    Immediate maintenance and replacements
*    Ignored or hidden problems

Services Offered

Licensed, Insured and Bonded Builder
Site review and layout
Complete Construction Documents
Amwood Construction Components
EPS - Structural Insulated Panels
Demolition with Build
Medallion kitchen and bath cabinets
Countertops -· laminate, granite, quartz, wood, tile and cultured marble

What is the Design/Build option?

Nordenstrom Custom Homes, utilizes the Design/Build method in working with all our customers. We work together with our clients to determine their needs and design a home plan to meet them, creating a custom home that you want to live in and are proud to own. The Design/Build approach is a proven delivery system that allows you a single source of responsibility, guaranteeing efficiency and peace of mind. The advantages of the approach are: Early cost input for the Builder with an established budget, teamwork produces the best ideas and avoids misunderstandings once the project is underway, provides for Builder and Owner input through the entire process, reduces delivery time, trade partners can be brought into the project and their design input and budgeting can avoid errors, the Design/Build process reduces change orders which reduce costs, provide high quality and the power of teamwork ensures a successful project.
Do we work with Owners who have their own plans already complete? The answer is YES!! Many of the same process we utilize in the Design/Build option work well with an Owners existing plans to also lead to a successful project.

Home Financing - Obtaining a Mortgage

Being prepared to purchase a lot and contract with a Builder, each Buyer should first meet with a Bank loan officer or a Mortgage Broker to determine a budget for the total project. The Loan Officers will assist you in organizing and preparing all the documents you will need for a pre-approval. In general down payments ( cash required) will range from 3% to 20% depending on the finance program you are looking for and a range of 25% - 30% of your total income should be available to utilize for your home payment. The total home payment will include PITI or (P) principle which is the loan amount, (I) interest which is the lenders fee for borrowing the money, (T) property taxes, and (I) insurance - property insurance and/or (PMI) which is mortgage insurance. There are also closing costs for items such as the appraisal, home inspection fees, recording fees etc. Be sure you ask your loan officer to explain all the fees involved in the closing of your loan. First Time home buyers and VA buyers have other options to consider for their loans.
Nordenstrom Custom Homes requires each home buyer to provide an established construction loan, made available during the construction process to pay for materials, labor and trade vendors when certain items have been completed. The contract spells out what and when payments are due and it is the Owners responsibility to make sure those payments arrive on time for work to continue.
Being prepared to purchase a home and understanding all the costs involved can be a daunting task and somewhat intimidating, but with proper preparation it will make your whole home buying experience go much smoother and allow to you to firm up the timing from start to the final closing and MOVE-IN!!
Nordenstrom Custom Homes is always here to assist you with any questions and willing to work with you and your lender to make your home buying experience the best it can be.

Home Owner Maintenance Checklist

All homes will require the Home Owner to due maintenance on the home and equipment to preserve the life and function of your new home. Below is a partial list of items to make sure your home is in proper condition. There may be other items that are not on the list but an annual visual inspection of your home should be completed to catch all items needing repair/replacement and or cleaning.
Clean and/or replace your HRV, air conditioning and heating filters.
Inspect, clean or replace kitchen hood :filters.
Flush toilet and run sinks and put water in drains that are not used very often.
Check to see exterior drainage patterns are still in place and add fill if necessary to make sure water is running away from the foundation.
Check your GFI circuits to make sure they are working properly
Inspect and clean all exterior vents to make sure they are working properly. Inspect all windows and exterior doors to make sure weather stripping is working and all window weep holes are clean for drainage.
Drain and fill you water heater especially if you have hard water for proper operation.
Inspect overhead doors, locks and railings for operation and alignment.
Clean faucets and check for plumbing leaks especially under sinks and the dishwasher/washer areas.
Check your smoke alarms and CM detectors and make sure Fire Extinguishers are in working order.
Run a tray of ice cubes threw your disposer and use a cleaning agent to freshen it. Service you home maintenance equipment like lawn mowers and blowers.
Six month checks on the furnace, AC and HRV equipment.
Check sump pump to make sure it is in operating order.
Inspect all caulking, penetrations, shrinkage cracks, hose bibs, siding, roofing etc. Clean and repair all gutters/downspouts and winterize yard sprinkler systems. Disconnect all hoses from sill cocks.
If you have questions or concerns call your Builder to make sure your home is protected.

Planning Ideas!